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Dena Carmosino
Birth Doula

A little bit about Dena...

Hi I’m Dena Carmosino. I’m dedicated to creating a safe space for every woman, so she has the freedom to be her own unique fully expressed self as she steps into being a mother. 

Dena Carmosino co-founder of Side by Side Doulas and founder of Boston Doula Circle LLC has been working with and caring for expectant families as a birth doula and postpartum doula and childbirth educator since 1988. She is certified through DONA ( Doulas of North America). She received much of her early training through B.A.C.E (Boston Association of Childbirth Education) She is a certified HypnoBirthing® instructor and has been offering group and private classes since 2000. Dena is also a midwife. She has completed Stepping Stones to Midwifery and a 2 year midwifery program at Hands of Light. Dena has completed a 2 year midwifery apprenticeship and an internship At Labor of Love Birth Center in Kingston Jamaica as a well as an internship at Casa de Nacimiento in El Paso Texas.

Dena's vast experience, education and keen intuition allows her to be in tune with you and your partner, creating an environment of tranquility, acceptance , team work, inventiveness and deep regard for you, your partner, your baby and the normalcy of birth. You will feel confident in Dena's commitment, ability and desire to gently lead you through the entire process from pregnancy, right through your birth and the first few weeks of parenting. Dena's support using an assortment of honed skills, such as massage, guided meditation, hypnosis and homeopathy will leave you and your partner feeling safe, rooted, deeply relaxed, and taken care of. Dena is your best advocate. She will empower you with evidence based information and teach you what questions to ask so you and your partner can make informed choices concerning your birth and postpartum time with full self-assurance! 

Additionally, Dena is a CLC ( Certified Lactation Counselor). Dena offers a full spectrum of postpartum doula services. Her schooling in the art of breast feeding, experiences assisting hundreds of mothers successfully breast feed their infants and successfully nursing both of her children, will give you confidence that you can do it too! She will teach you all the tricks new parents and baby need to have a restful nights sleep. You will learn what your baby's cries mean. Dena will embrace you as you discover your own parenting style and learn what works for your family. 

Being a mother, doula and midwife has brought many gifts and amazing people into Dena's life. Dena is exceedingly grateful every day for what she has been given and for the opportunity to be in service to so many wonderful families.


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Kathleen Hoff
Birth Doula

A little bit about Kathleen...

Kathleen is co-founder of Side by Side Doulas. She has lived in Salem, MA for over 20 years with her husband, Paul and daughter, Satya. With each season, she continues to fall in love with Salem and all it offers! In 1998, she left the corporate world to pursue her passion, a career in healing, and to begin her own journey into motherhood.

Kathleen conceived Satya with the support of fertility, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage and her own healing work, The Wavework. The Wavework uses breath and awareness of sensation to integrate the physical, emotional, mental and subtle energies within our human body, through the breath, and is guided by the soul in a natural and energetic process. The Wavework is designed to reawaken us to our innate capacity to heal ourselves through love and acceptance.

Kathleen relied on The Wavework to guide her through each juncture of her pregnancy and each stage of labor. She had many complications involving toxemia. With the Wavework, Kathleen gave birth naturally in a hospital environment! She offers you this personal experience as part of her support. The birth of her daughter, Satya, remains to be the most empowering event of her life and Satya is now 11. It is this experience and her commitment to empowering women, in this most important event of their lives, that has led her to being a birth doula. She considers childbirth to be a "right of passage" for every woman and is honored and privileged to be present to support and guide women during this miracle of life.

Kathleen's healing work, along with facilitating a leadership program, provides her with the opportunity to empower and direct women through their pregnancy and childbirth. She provides a healing session at your prenatal visit, and offers The Wavework during labor and childbirth. The Wavework offers pregnant moms a context of leadership and partnership with their baby in the childbirth process. This connection with your baby allows you to be fully present to the heightened energy that occurs during childbirth as an opportunity to step into the role of mother and guide for your baby. Kathleen guides you and your partner as you navigate each contraction together, almost as if you are riding a wave of energy, bringing you closer and closer to having your baby in your arms. You will be empowered in this process as you transition into each phase of labor. Kathleen also supports and guides your partner to be an integral part of your child's birth. She sees labor and childbirth as an opportunity for couples to become closer than ever before as they share this amazing event in their lives and enter into the role of parenthood.

Prior to her role as birth doula, many moms would call Kathleen from the delivery room for coaching through a difficult phase of labor. This coaching offered them the safety to focus in and partner with their baby to move through to the next phase of labor and delivery. Many moms avoided cesarian sections with this coaching. As your birth doula, Kathleen will now be able to accompany you in this process!

Being present during childbirth and to be your personal coach all the way through to delivery is a dream come true for Kathleen! She offers you a context of support with your child and partner during pregnancy and childbirth. Kathleen is committed that this partnership and your leadership in childbirth will create the birth experience ideal for you. Kathleen is your advocate! She is your resource and support. You can rely on her for information, guidance and the ability to create a team at the hospital. It is her honor and privilege to join you on this path. Your choices will lead the way. You get to say how it will go with every step. It is Kathleen's intention that your childbirth experience works for you!

Once your baby is born, Kathleen can support you with breastfeeding. She is a certified lactation counselor (CLC) and works at WIC so that she can support moms at every level of income.

If you are interested in a healer, personal coach and advocate, who will stay with you through it all, call Kathleen at (978) 210 2084.

Jenna Rothbard

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Jenna Levin (Rothbard)
Birth Doula

A little bit about Jenna...

Jenna is the co-founder of Side by Side Doulas. She is passionate about supporting couples prenatally and through childbirth as a Doula. She combines her knowledge of bodywork/massage, yoga and nutrition to help provide a peaceful and positive experience for birthing mothers and their partners.

Jenna, by nature is a very positive and uplifting person. She became a doula 11 years ago when a friend asked her to support her through a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). After this birth Jenna realized what her calling was. She is a strong advocate for her clients and provides unconditional love to the entire experience.

As a Doula "being a part of a birth is the best opportunity to be present with nature and experience pure selflessness."

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